Tricks to quickly remove the neoprene: Vaseline in roll-on format

Surely sometime, when you reach the first transition, you will have fought your particular battle with Neoprene, and as we all know to do a good triathlon, it is not only necessary to prepare it, but also take into account small details so that everything runs smoothly. .

In this article we are going to talk about the use of neoprene, and a small trick that can facilitate the speed to remove it. First of all, when choosing your wetsuit, you have to make sure that it is very close to the body, giving the water the possibility of penetrating slightly inside, reaching your body temperature, but preventing the water from circulating too easily, since It could prevent your body from heating up.

Tricks to quickly remove your wetsuit: Vaseline in roll-on format

To make it easier for you to put on the suit, you can help yourself with plastic bags that you place on your hands and feet and on which you will slide your wetsuit.

The Triathlon begins!

You are at the head of the race. Good! You get out of the top ten in the water. All the gestures to automate the first transition are already memorized in your head: I unhook the velcro from the neoprene, grab the zipper strap, pull it down to the waist before reaching the transition and It does not come down! ..and that he had practiced like stepping on it to lower it more quickly!

No, no, this is not going to happen!

Tricks to quickly remove your wetsuit: Vaseline in roll-on format

In the market you can find different brands of Vaseline to facilitate the tedious task of removing the neoprene from above.

Before putting it on, use petroleum jelly and spread it on your neck, armpits, ankles, and wrists.

There are several brands that you can use, however, we recommend using it in Roll-On format, which prevents you from staining your hands with which you could touch the glasses before putting them on ... unless you want to do a totally cloudy triathlon!

For a relatively few months, the MEBALINE brand has developed this format recommended by the Olympic Triathlete Xavi LLobet. Marketed under the name Mebaline Vaseline Aloe Roll-On is a lubricant that, in addition to helping you get rid of your wetsuit, you can use it to protect the areas of the skin most prone to chafing, such as groin, nipples, armpits, ankles or nape.

Tricks to quickly remove your wetsuit: Vaseline in roll-on format

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