Ukraine celebrates its first national triathlon championship since the invasion

This week, the Ukrainian Triathlon Federation has organized the National Mixed Relay and Sprint Championships for the first time since the invasion of the country.

Despite the difficult circumstances for the athletes, coaches and officials, Sofiya Pryma y Sergiy Kurochkin they were crowned the 2023 Champions at the event hosted in Chernivtsi, near the Romanian border.

The international triathlon community supports Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March 2022, conditions for the triathlon family in the country have been extremely difficult,

However, the National Federation, as well as the athletes and coaches, have had the full support of World Triathlon, the European Triathlon and the world triathlon community.

They have provided funds to help elite athletes continue their preparations for competitions, train outside the country and subsidize their travel to some competitions.

Ukrainian National Championships

More than 50 athletes started this past June 7th at the Sprint Distance National Championships, which saw Sofiya Priyyma and Sergiy Kurochkin cross the finish line in first place for the elite category, while Ivan Shevchenko and Ksenia Korniyenko won in the U23 category.

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