The Ultra Sierra Nevada will bring together 1.800 participants

The test hung the poster completely in the month of January

This weekend the Ultra Sierra Nevada, where in this edition after the suspension of the 2020 one, it will gather 1.800 participants between its four distances.

The test hung the poster completely in January and is one of the most prestigious races that we have in this modality in the national calendar

The queen test, of 97 kilometers and 5.500 meters of elevation gain there will be the Ultra Championship of the Andalusian Athletics Federation

Covid measures

The organization has planned various measures to avoid contagion in the race, which highlights the use of masks until the test begins, climbing outings, gels, control of aid stations, the prohibition of external help, etc.

4 distances

Ultra Sierra Nevada Circuit
Ultra Sierra Nevada Circuit

The ultra Sierra Nevada has 4 different tests

  • Ultra: 97 km, unevenness of 5,480m + and 3.900m-
  • Trail: 60 km, elevation gain of 3.710m + and 2.650m-
  • Marathon: 40 km, elevation gain of 2730m + and 1450m-
  • Average: 25 km, elevation gain of 2.150 m + and 750m-

Opening hours

The outputs for each test will be made at various times

  • Ultra: Friday 9, 22:00
  • Trail: Saturday 10, 06:00
  • Marathon: Saturday 10, 10:00
  • Medium: Sunday 11, 09:00

Further information:

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