An athlete remains standing at the finish line so as not to break the record for a half marathon

As published by the runnerworld website, the winner of the Media Kaki Persimon Marathon in La Alcudia he stopped short just before crossing the finish line.

The test that was held this Sunday had a somewhat atypical ending since the athlete Luis Agustín Escriche he stopped just before passing the finish line and waited a few seconds to do so.

In this video you can see how he did it.

In total 28 seconds passed before he crossed the finish line before a disconnected audience. The public address of the event commented “Cross the finish line, cross it. We don't know exactly why it doesn't cross the finish line, but there it is".

Finally Escriche won the test with a time of 1:08:45 running at an average of 3:15 min/km with a 2 minute lead over Agustín Sieres who came in second position.

Shortly after the reason for this break was clarified and it was that Escriche did not want to harden the test record much to be able to lower it again next year.

EThe prize established by the organization for whoever breaks the record is €150 but not for whoever wins the race and it is for this reason that he wanted to let the clock pass.

The previous record was set at 1:09:20, so this 2022 edition has been lowered by 35 seconds.

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