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A British, an Italian, a Portuguese and nine Spanish winners of the previous editions of the Doñana Challenge

The Huelva Emilio Martin, with three wins, is the one that monopolizes the highest number of wins in boys, by the two achieved by Inma Pereiro and Yessica Pérez

In this year that the Doñana Challenge is celebrating to meet already ten editionsWe also wanted to acknowledge the list of triathletes who have managed to win the finish line since the first edition of 2009, in a triathlon that has become, over the years, due to its special characteristics, a preferred destination for many athletes.

They all have something in common, their infatuation with a test that, despite its hardness at many times, he calls you for the beauty of the landscapes through which it runs, especially the swim across the mouth of the Guadalquivir river as it passes through Sanlúcar de Barrameda and run on foot through the sand of the Doñana beach. There is no winner of the various editions held that has not recommended that they should do this test at least once in their lives.

In the first edition, in 2009, the winners were the British Paul Amey and Italian Martina Dogana, that were imposed in a novel competition, in which the traditional order of triathlon tests was altered, and in which more than 200 athletes participated. Amey entered the finish line with a time of 6:09:40 and Dogana finished the competition in 6:55:48. It must be remembered that the first editions had a different route: 169 km. cycling, 1 km. swimming and 30 km. of race on foot, up to a total of 200 test kilometers. And the goal was located on the Matalascañas beach, in Almonte (Huelva).

The Portuguese Lino Barruncho and the Basque triathlete Inma Pereiro They were the winners of the second edition of the Doñana Challenge, held in 2010, a test that was already beginning to attract the attention of triathletes who like authentic 'challenges'.

Inma Pereiro, with her triumph in 2011, she was the first athlete to repeat victory in the Andalusian long distance test. For her part, the Italian Martina Dogana, who had won in the first edition, repeated second place the previous year, also achieving a great record in her three interventions in the Doñana Challenge. In the absolute male category the victory was also for a Spanish, the Madrid Alejandro Santamaría, who finally managed to impose himself in a competition that he had been looking for since his first participation, with third place in 2009 and second place in 2010.

Andalusian double victory in the fourth edition of the competition, held on September 28, 2013. Granada Elena Aguilar and the Sevillian Basilio Polvillo They entered first position at the finish line, in an edition that was marked by the reduction of the cycling route to 90 kilometers and, especially, by the elimination of the swimming sector, by the death of a person at the mouth the day before your celebration.

Elena Aguilar He repeated the triumph in 2014, in an edition that already consolidated the modification of the route of the cycling sector of the previous year, and that in the men's category the triumph was taken by the Sevillian Sergio Cruz, after completing the tour before the large audience that gathered.

Cruz also prevailed at the finish line of Playa de Malandar in the sixth edition, which had the Malaga winner as absolute winner Maria Bravo, who disputed for the first time in three years a triathlon for her motherhood, feeling very happy to achieve the goal that had been set.

In 2016 the seventh edition of the Doñana Challenge was held, which had the jiennense as winners Yessica Pérez and the Huelva Emilio Martín, who thus achieved his first of the three victories that the triple duathlon world champion has in his pocket. New in this edition was the increase to a hundred kilometers of the cycling segment. Also highlighted this year as the largest to date in terms of participation, 542 athletes.

Emilio MartinAs we have already mentioned, she won with great authority for the second time in the Sanluqueña event and the winner in the women's event was La Mancha. Alba Reguillo, which premiered in the competition, and was absolutely amazed by everything that surrounded the competition: organization, route, volunteers, public, etc.

Last year the ninth and last edition to date of the Doñana Challenge was held, repeating victory two years later the jiennense Yessica Pérez and achieving his third consecutive win Emilio Martín, interestingly, in its three participations.

In short, a great cast of winners for a test that will celebrate its tenth edition on Saturday, September 21

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