A Yin Yang circuit. Sierra Nevada Triathlon and Half Tri Canet

Ironmad Tri in search of balance.
It will join its 2 long distance events, the Sierra Nevada Triathlon, and the Half Tri Canet.

The first date on July 24. A 2.500m crossing in the Canales reservoir, and 2 mythical ports of special category, such as El Purche and the unknown Hotel del Duque, which will take you along the highest road in Europe up to 2.400m, in Sierra Nevada, there the race on foot, 21 km passing through the Telescope and ending in the Plaza de Andalucía de Sierra Nevada. The finisher shirt has never cost so much.

As if it were a "great lap", the total time it takes to complete the test will be added to the time of the Half Tri Canet, on October 2. Unlike the Andalusian test, this one has a very flat and fast profile, both in cycling and in races, which makes it probably the fastest Half in Spain, favoring the time trialist. The bike sector is 2 laps, flying between fields of crops and orange trees, and the race on foot along the seafront of Canet d'en Berenguer and its port of Siles.

The most complete triathlete will win the final classification. It will be the one who manages to find the best balance between climbing and time trial. The Yin and Yang of triathlon.

There will be 2 categories.                                                                                                                   
Sierra Nevada Triathlon Largo 2.500m 90km 21km + Half Tri Canet 1,900m 90km 21km.              
Sierra Nevada Triathlon Corto 1.500m 46km 10km + Half Tri Canet 1,900m 90km 21km.             

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