A gastric problem forces Eneko Llanos to leave

Luck eluded Eneko Llanos in the first race of the year, the Abu Dhabi triathlon. The Vitorian started out as a great favorite to reissue the title he won a year ago but when things were going better for him he suffered a gastric problem that forced him to retire in the final stretch of the race due to a dehydration problem.
All eyes were on the Vitorian from the start and he himself had admitted to being in a magnificent state before the race, although the starting gun put the Alava athlete in some trouble, who was not comfortable in the three kilometers to I swim.

"The swimming was not quite good and I lost some places," Llanos commented about his twentieth place when he got out of the water. “Anyway, on the bike I felt better and I was able to recover. First we caught up with the leading group and then we were able to break it until a few of us were ahead, ”explained the triathlete, who reached the second transition with two competitors and only behind two other prominent men.
In any case, the Vitorian did not want to know anything about fellow travelers and as soon as he had the chance he placed second, a few meters from the man who was leading the race, the Belgian Van Lierde, who ended up winning the test.
But then came the problems for Eneko Llanos, who felt an upset stomach that prevented him from eating or drinking at the aid stations. "It had been a day of 40 degrees and high humidity and when you do not eat or drink anything you become dehydrated, which is what has happened to me," said the athlete, who began to walk almost faint until he decided to leave.
Even so, Llanos did not end up dissatisfied and was focused on turning the tables on the next race that will be held in just three weeks in Marbella.


1 F. Van Lierde (BEL) 6.43.14
2 M. Vanhoenacker (BEL) to 17 s.
3 D. Bockel (LUX) to 28
4 R. Tissink (ZAF) to 33
5 S. Sudrie (FRA) to 2.35
6 C. Alexander (AUS) to 3.32
7 L. Bell (AUS) to 3.38
8 F. Al-Sultan (DEU) to 5.08
9 T. Bracht (DEU) to 6.26
10 A. Starykowicz (USA) to 7.09

There are no previous results.

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