A robot prepares to run the Hawaii Ironman

El EVOLTA robot, from the Panasonic company, which three years ago climbed 530 meters in the Grand Canyon of Colorado (USA) with just a couple of batteries, thus breaking all records in the world of robotics, is now available to participate in the tough Hawaii Ironman triathlon.

The little hand-sized automaton, created by Takahashi Tomotaka, will pedal a bike and race through one of the toughest triathlon routes in the world equipped with three different bodies and three rechargeable batteries, the company has announced. "This is very difficult even for an athlete, but I think the challenge is worth it," says Tomotaka. EVOLTA will have to travel 230 kilometers. The time you will have to complete it is one week or 168 hours, which is ten times more than an athlete would have. "EVOLTA's height is only one-tenth that of a grown man, so we realized that it would take 10 times as long," says Takahashi. The triathlon challenge begins on October 24 and will continue non-stop for seven days and seven nights.

Takahashi explained that of the three bodies they will use, which include one on a small bike and another on a circular rim with a rear wheel for support, the swim design - mounted on a curved fin created with their arms outstretched - was especially challenging. because it had to work submerged in water.

The batteries that the robot carries on its back, which will go on sale in Japan on October 21, can be Reload up to 1.800 times. (muyinteresante.es)

Source: .tvcamaguey.co.cu

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