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Sergio Cruz and Elena Aguilar achieve the victory in the V Desafío Doñana

The triathlete from Granada wins for the second consecutive time in this long distance triathlon in a spectacular day of time

A large audience approached Bajo Bajo Guía to see the transition from cycling to swimming and then go to Punta Malandar to see the end of the competition

The Seville Sergio Cruz and the grenadine Elena Aguilar they have become today in the winners in absolute category of the fifth edition of the Doñana Challenge, long distance triathlon that has been celebrated with departure at the Playa de Bajo Guide of Sanlúcar de Barrameda and end in Punta de Malandar, after traveling 90 kilometers by bicycle, 1 km. swimming at the mouth of the Guadalquivir and 30 kilometers of running on foot along the beach of the Doñana shore.

Sergio Cruz prevailed at the finish line with an end time of 4: 24: 23, followed by Juan Salvador Díaz in second position with 4: 24: 45 and then José Almagro in third position to complete the podium, with a time of 4: 27: 00. “Happy is how I feel. I have achieved something that I did not expect because during the test I realized the hardness of the route and thought that I would not be able to finally reach the top positions. I didn't have good feelings. Fortunately I have been feeling better in the last leg of the race and I have managed to arrive in first position, although with very little difference with Juan Salvador”, Said Sergio Cruz after finishing the competition.

For its part, Elena Aguilar She has been the winner for the second consecutive time, after the rugged edition of last year, of the Doñana Challenge, and commented that “I am very satisfied with my performance and, above all, because despite winning last year in my first experience in the Challenge I had the aftertaste that the test was finally a duathlon and I wanted to see if I was able to repeat victory, but this time with the original format, with the three segments, and so it has been. That is why I am happier even than last year. ”

The grenadine entered first position in the finish line with a time of 4: 53: 52, followed by Arrate Mintegui with 5: 03: 02 e Inmaculada Ruz in third final position with a time of 5: 43: 31. It is the second consecutive occasion that two Andalusians are the first classified in the absolute category of the Doñana Challenge, after the one held in 2013.

In male relays, the first classified was the team formed by Víctor Pérez-Abela, Camilo Puertas and Modesto Ricardo Álvarez, with a time of 4: 07: 17. In female relays the first classified were Silvia Esquinas, Irene Cabrera and Mª Dolores Jiménez, who performed a time of 5: 11: 23. And in mixed relays the winning team was formed by José Claudio Sánchez, Ana Ruz and Damián Vindel, with a time of 4: 20: 16.

The fifth edition of the Doñana Challenge has been one of the editions with more public following the competition and with more participation of athletes.

A total of 370 triathletes have taken part in the test, to which we would have to add the more than 150 boys and girls who were present in the Mini Challenge, the promotion aquatlon that was developed in parallel on the beach of Bajo Guía.

In addition, we should mention the more than 300 volunteers who collaborated selflessly for another year and without which the test would not have been possible. From attending the provisioning points to helping the triathletes in the withdrawal of bibs or in the ceremony of awarding medals and trophies. In addition there were also a large number of bikers who provided their service to the organization for the cycling segment and it is also worth mentioning the collaboration of a large number of members of the Civil Guard of traffic and municipal police of the municipalities through which the Challenge ran .

One of the positive aspects of the day has been the weather, which has accompanied the triathletes. After several days of rain and storm today has been a spectacular day, hot in many hours of the day, but that has allowed athletes to suffer less than they already do because of the hardness of the test. In addition, there was hardly any wind that affected the evolution of the cycling and swimming segments, especially.

At the beginning of the test was the mayor of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Víctor Mora, who made the previous ribbon cutting, together with the CEO of the Public Company for Tourism and Sport of Andalusia, José Francisco Pérez Moreno, and the President of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, José María Merchán. The trophy delivery was chaired by the general director of Sports Activities and Promotion, Rafael Granados.

The Doñana 2014 Challenge has been organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía with the technical support of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, and with the collaboration of the municipalities of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María, Rota and Chipiona and the Doñana Natural Area.

It was also important the collaboration of other institutions such as the Port Authority or the Doñana Natural Area, as well as private companies that opted for this test as Infisport, Powerade, Vodafone, Infex, Triatienda, Acquajet, GM Technology and QAPSADE.


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