Valencia hosts the Spanish Championship of Medium Distance Triathlon this Sunday

"This is one of the challenges that we have set ourselves from the City Council", said the Councilor for Sports Cristóbal Grau.

The emblematic Veles e Vents building has hosted the presentation of the first edition of Valencia LD - Spanish Medium Distance Triathlon Championship. The competition, which will be held this Sunday, March 4 from 08:30 am, will open the European Long Distance season of "one of the disciplines that has experienced the greatest growth at an international level". This was stated by Enrique Caballero, head of the Valencian company and organizer of the event, Trisense Sport, who pointed out that "we are very satisfied to have 1100 participants, a very important figure in this distance." In addition, he highlighted the "great national and international route" of this competition, which has 65% of the participants from outside the province of Valencia ".

Spain Championship

Felipe Gutiérrez, sports director of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, showed his satisfaction for having decided to bet on Valencia LD as the Spanish Championship. In this sense, he highlighted the relevance of the participation of the elite, but also "the importance for the Age Groups, who in Valencia have the opportunity to score in the national ranking and be able to be in the World Cup in Vitoria 2012".

From the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community, the Secretary General Arturo Navarro recognized that with this type of tests "the bar is getting higher and higher" and took the opportunity to recognize the success of "integrating different institutions into the world of triathlon , locations, technicians, athletes,… ”.

Arturo Navarro described the organization as "a company that undertakes and works with imaginative projects with a long history that allow having competitions like Valencia LD".

An opportunity as a city

Valencia LD presents a route of 1,9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running that runs through the Marina Real Juan Carlos I, the Formula 1 urban circuit, the Albufera Natural Park or the Paseo Maritime, among other scenarios. In the cycling circuit, the collaboration of 11 municipalities has been necessary for the design of a completely flat track and in a single lap prepared to achieve spectacular times.

The support of these municipalities, as well as that of the institutions, sponsors and collaborators, has been fundamental for the materialization of Valencia LD.

From the Valencia City Council, the Sports Councilor Cristóbal Grau recognized that "this is one of the challenges that we have set for ourselves in the preparation of the strategic plan."

“We detected that we had an opportunity as a city: to be able to develop products through local companies with the collaboration of the federations and to value practical tourism. In this sense, we started with two experiences, the Valencia Marathon and the Valencia Triathlon in September. However, at Trisense they are good entrepreneurs and far from being satisfied they wanted to tackle this new experience in which I believe the objectives are being met and for which a great future is predicted ”, explained Cristóbal Grau.

Trisense Sport took advantage of this coming-out of Valencia LD to invite the Valencian public to enjoy a day of triathlon that will have as its nerve center the Shed No. 2 of the Port of Valencia. Finally, he thanked the collaboration of all the people, companies and institutions that have made Valencia LD a reality.

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