Valencia LD a dream fulfilled

From Triathlon News today we wanted to echo a statement sent to us by Rafael Redondo, President of the Valencian Triathlon Federation, with the aim of giving the Thank you to ValenciaLD that has started the season and to each and every one of the triathlon event organizers that day by day they strive to offer the best circuits, attention and care in order to help the triathlete meet their challenges and continue enjoying their passion: THE TRIATHLON.

Thank you to all the organizers of the tests, for making available to the triathlete all the means to achieve their goals.

Statement from Rafael Redondo: The group of people that make up the Valencian federation (federation, team of judges and triathletes, among others) had a dream that was “one day there will be a great Long-distance Triathlon event in the city of Valencia”.

This weekend the dream has come true, to be honest, it has not been easy, but after 6 months of hard work, in all the aspects that make up a sporting event of these characteristics: careful communication of the event, infrastructure, circuit design (the most complicated in cycling), permits and support from all the municipalities through which the test passes, safety and emergency plan (the IVRE has a lot to do with it), training and control of more than 350 volunteers, (FDM and University) transition zone, control of registrations and timing, refreshments, attention to participants, means of control of swimming in the port, protocol ………… .etc

I have been present all weekend, observing and helping as much as possible in the development of the test and the feedback received from the participants once the competition is over, it has been of congratulations and thanks, I think we have “succeeded”, there are some issues to be polished, but we will be working on it for the next edition, but all this would not have been possible without the great work of the Triense teams and the Federation team, from here I have to thank each other, Without your dedication and effort this would not have been possible, with these equipment it is easy to make dreams come true. Thank you.

Also to thank all the participants for coming, the majority, from outside our community, we hope you take a great memory and experience of our test and our city, we have done it for you, no doubt.

Cheer up and go ahead!

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