Olympic runner-up Vanesa Fernandes wants to win the Ironman 70.3 Cascais Portugal

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“Ironman is the best-known brand worldwide. "I think it will contribute to increasing the number of practitioners of this sport in Portugal."

The winner of the Triathlon World Cup in 2007 and Olympic sub champion in 2008, Vanessa Fernandes y Bruno Country, Champion of Portugal in Long Distance Triathlon, confirmed this Friday the registration in the Ironman 70.3 Portugal Cascais that this next 3 will be celebrated in September.

"I always loved training in the mountains, I'm good at climbing and difficult routes, so the harder the bike segment is for meí”, commented Vanessa

The enthusiasm is even greater in the triathlete by living in Quinta da Marinha, in Cascais, very close to the place of the competition. “The tests with this international brand have a high quality and are always inserted in excellent places to live the sport in a healthy way. "

Another champion with a desire to win in the Ironman 70.3 Portugal Cascais is Bruno Country Winner of the Ironman in Budapest in 2014 and with participation in events in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Barcelona, ​​​​he understands this event as an individual improvement, where everyone has their own pace and has to know how to dose the effort well. “Knowing the course better than other athletes I get some benefit, but the presence of international athletes is a guarantee that the level will be very high. “I will try to get the best possible result.“Said the triathlete from the Estoril Praia Sports Group. The current national champion of Portugal in long distance triathlon believes that “if it comes out of the water well, I think I have in favor the characteristics of the cycling and running segments. “

Bruno Country

 Jorge Pereira, director of 3 Iron Sports, the organizer of the event, and promoter of the Ironman 70.3 Portugal-Cascais could not be more satisfied. “These participations, in addition to making me proud, show that this is the test that all athletes want to have in their record. It is a challenge on an international scale and we have our local heroes with a good chance of winning against the real “foreign invasion”.“. But not only the competitive aspect interests athletes. The strength of this brand draws crowds, which allows them to give a great return to their sponsors.

 Not only professional athletes make up this test. As the eve snack, the IRONKIDS invites the little ones to experience triathlon. On the day of the main event, in addition to the individual event, they are also in competition for teams in the everis Corporate Division, tailored to the companies that delegate to each member one of the segments of this enormous challenge to human resistance. .

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