Enduroman Lanzarote 2011

The Enduroman Lanzarote Triathlon Festival 2011 already has among its entries several elite athletes with extensive experience in endurance and ultra-distance tests.

To the well-known participation of the British Paul Thompson, winner several times of the distance and last champion of the Enduroman Triple Iron UK 2010, the German Vicki Grunike and the Spanish Toni Payeras are now added.

Grunike and Payeras will take the start in the Double Enduroman test, one of the four that this triathlon "party" has, and which consists of doing double the distance of an Ironman, that is, 7 km of swimming, 6 km of road cycling and 360'84 km of running, something within the reach of very few people.

The other three distances that complete the Enduroman Lanzarote are an Enduroman (Ironman distance), a half Enduroman and an Olympic triathlon. Vickie Grunike is a 35-year-old German. His resume includes a second place in the Worldcup Double Triathlon Race in Slovenia, and another second place in the Worldcup UltraTriahlon, both in 2009. In 2010 he got a second place in the Ultra Triple Triathlon in Lensan, and a victory in the 24th Festina RadTrophy.

For his part, the Spanish Toni Payeras is a renowned Spanish triathlete who has embarked on a special solidarity project. Payeras "sells" the kilometers of it to raise funds for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. As Payeras himself affirms, "every stroke, every pedal stroke and every stride are from now on for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation"


Source: www.rtvc.es

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