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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Black summer for triathletes with airlines

The last months are being difficult for many triathletes and paratriathletes because the airlines are losing them or breaking the bicycles

One of the moments where a triathlete goes through more nerves and insecurities is during the wait to pick up his bike after a flight.

In many cases those minutes are eternal, believing that your bike has not arrived, but most of the time it does. When this does not happen, it is a hard and stressful time, having to make the claim of loss of luggage, notify on Twitter, call by phone, etc ...

The worst thing is that there is always little information given to a triathlete when his bike has been lost and this still causes more moments of nerves. Another difficult moment is to find a hit in the box, where you can see the "treatment" that the bike has received and that in many cases leads to something breaking when opening the bicycle's suitcase.

These are some of the cases of triathletes affected during the last months due to delays, losses or breakages of their bicycles.

Roberto Sanchez Mantecón

He was more than 30h without knowing anything about where his bike was, on a flight from Alicante-Barcelona-Cagliaria with Vueling, the days before the Cagliari World Cup in Italy

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