Víctor Arroyo will look for the Slot for Kona in the IRONMAN Wales

This coming Sunday a new edition of the IRONMAN Wales where the Spanish Long Distance Champion, Víctor Arroyo will try to get the Slot for Kona.

The test will be held again after 2 years without doing it due to Covid-19

This will be the first chance of the season as the qualifying period for the IRONMAN Kona 2023.

As well Emilio Aguayo will try it on Wisconsin (USA) this weekend.

In the Aguayo test you will meet triathletes like Joe Skipper, Leon Chevalier Guilio Molinari o  William Mennesson among others.

The Spanish are also in the test Peru Alfaro y Francesc Artigues .

The competition only has the male PRO category,

You can check the departure list


The competition will be held on Sunday, September 11, starting at 6:55 (7:55 in Spain)

Where to follow it live?

The Ironman Wales can be followed live through the Race track

There are no previous results.

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