Victor del Corral European Champion of Triathlon Cros

In a real challenge, due to the conditions of the terrain on which the European Cros Triathlon has been held, once again, Victor has demonstrated his strength and skill, proclaiming himself today the European Champion of Cros Triathlon.

Madrid 02 June 2011.- Today the Cros Triathlon European Championship was held in the small town of Visegrad on the banks of the Danube River, a city that offers a spectacular setting and perfect terrain for holding a cros triathlon event.

The triathletes have had to face a 1000 meter swim, a 25 km cycle lap and a 9 kilometer race on foot, on completely muddy terrain. Circuit that has been presented as a real challenge and that also required a high level of dexterity in the mountain bike circuit with sections of ascents and descents.

Just a few weeks after being proclaimed Champion of Spain of Cros Triathlon, in the Aragonese town of Caspe, the Spanish Victor del Corral, who started among the favorites of the test, has managed to demonstrate his superiority by reaching the finish line, once again , in first position “My feelings have been good in the last days, but this is not always definitive when it comes to achieving a good result, although I have to say that today it was a good sign. I have recovered the good sensations that I race, also in the water and on the bike I have felt good "

From swimming, he was unable to come out in the first positions but little by little he was climbing positions in the cycling segment, until he managed to overcome the head of the race, just at the arrival of the second transition, doing an excellent race on foot that has given him the title of European Champion of Triathlon Cros.

“The first lap of swimming has been regular, the second much better, it seems that I am long distance. When I came out of the water I had no idea of ​​the positions I had lost, but after a long transition I managed to start to come back. After a first long and hard asphalt climb, I began to feel good, passing several triathletes without leaving any option to follow me. I get to the forest area, this is where I pass Stannard, I feel focused and strong. After a long climb on the track, I manage to catch up with Zadak, we go together for a short stretch but I finally get past him. It starts to rain hard, I see Marceau ahead, I start to think that I am second in the race, I manage to catch him in a more technical area and I pass him by the entrance of the town, arriving practically together at T2. I am going at a good pace on the climb to the Castle, I look back and I do not see Marceu or the rest of the triathletes, I come to a slippery descent where I am cautious, my foot begins to hurt, but I am only 2 km away of the goal. The last surprise arrives, a tunnel full of water and mud a few meters before the finish line, where I finally arrive in first position "

As soon as he reached the finish line, Victor del Corral saved the strength to offer us a few words of thanks  “The first thing is to thank you for your support to all of you who trust me when things are going well and so well when they are not. Especially on this occasion I want to thank the support and extra effort made by Jordi and Agustí Pérez, and the technical direction of the Spanish Triathlon Federation who have made it possible for me to be here today "

In a year full of successes for this Spanish triathlete, European Duathlon runner-up and Spanish and European Triathlon Cros Champion, the next challenge will be Gerardmer's XTerra on Sunday 10th.


Source: FETRI

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