• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Victor del Corral tells us his second place in the International Half Marathon of Lanzarote.

After only two weeks of training, and coinciding with my winter stay on the island, I set out to do a training-test in competition, taking advantage of the Lanzarote International Half Marathon.

Even with very few kilometers on my legs, the objective was clear, to maintain a stable rhythm from start to finish that would allow us to obtain valuable data on my state of form to continue training. The established pace was 3 ”per kilometer, which would lead me to reach the finish line in 30h1 '.


On a windy day and on a fairly undulating circuit, the feat didn't seem very clear but I got ready to give it a try. The rhythm regulated at all times, was very comfortable in kilometers with favorable wind, although not in those in which the wind blew against.

Even so, and enjoying the test a lot, I got it, I got to the finish line in 1h23'19 ”, I did a great workout, I shared a morning with many friends and it also helped me to achieve a second place in the final classification.

Now I will return to training, each day a little longer and more intense, and I will not return to competition until the end of January, in the 4 Stage Off Road Mountain Bike Race organized by Club La Santa.

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