Víctor del Corral: perseverance, sacrifice, balance and interiorization.

The progression of the Catalan triathlete, Victor del Corral, during these last two seasons can be cataloged as incredible. You just have to take a look at his record, to discover the spectacular projection that this young athlete is showing.

After his resounding success last weekend at the legendary Ironman of Lanzarote, where with a time of 8: 44: 40 managed to take the victory against Stephen Bayliss who arrived at 8: 53: 38 and Sergio Marqués in 9: 02 : 59, the Spanish triathlete showed his great value to overcome the greatest challenges.

Yesterday afternoon we were able to share a few hours with this athlete who is staying at SANDS BEACH (Lanzarote), where for a few months he has been preparing his season, with all kinds of attention, such as a vegetarian diet cooked "to measure", giving you the time to focus on your workouts, among other little “luxuries”.

In this short time we were able to know first-hand what is “the magic potion” that turns a human being into a great iron man: PERSEVERANCE, SACRIFICE, REFLECTION, BALANCE AND INTERIORIZATION

But these are only some of the ingredients, the support of the people who love him has also been one of his great secrets. Although the family is not physically close, Victor has their support as well as the invaluable support, and the never-ending smile, of Azucena, with which he shares his day to day. All these ingredients together with his right hand, in a totally fluid and harmonious relationship, have managed to turn this Spanish triathlete with a passion for multisport into one of the greatest triathletes in the world in the last two years.

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