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Víctor del Corral returns to the XTERRA circuit

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The Catalan triathlete will compete on April 15 at the XTERRA in Malta, which will kick off the XTERRA European Tour 2018

In his beginnings as a professional triathlete Víctor del Corral he stood out in several Triathlon Cross events, with victories at the Xterra de France in 2011 and Switzerland in 2013, in addition to being 5th in the Maui World Cup in 2012. He was also proclaimed European Cross Triathlon Champion in 2011 and 2012, where he was silver in 2010 and achieved the 7th position in the 2013 World Cup.

At the beginning of the year, Victor himself he told us his plans for this year where the Nice Ironman y Embrunman are its main objectives, but he also plans to run some Xterra test, such as the one in Malta, on April 15. We have asked Víctor about his plans this year at Xterra and if he plans to hold any more cros triathlon competitions.

What Xterra tests are you planning to run?

At the moment I am going to start with Xterra Malta, although I am thinking of doing some more if everything goes well.

What are the Xterra tests that you like to contest the most? What kind of circuits?

One of my favorites is Xterra France, a very tough and demanding circuit, without a doubt those are the circuits that I like the most.

Victor del Corral on BTT

What is the reason for this return to the Cross Triathlon?

I get used to training with the MTB and I've been wanting to go back to cros trials for a while, so this year I decided that the way to do it was to put a date on the calendar where to do it because otherwise the end of the year will end and I can't find the moment .

Will you try to play the Xterra European Tour?

Not at the beginning

And the Maui World Cup? Would you like to run it again?

If it is a test and a site that I like, I do not rule it out, although a priori it is not a goal either.

And about the ITU events… the ITU World Championship or the Ibiza European Championship? Will you try to be in any of them?

The truth is that I have not thought about it, I am going to start with Malta and see how it goes, I also have several medium and long distance tests in which I want to focus on the second part of the season so we will see how far I can go.

Photos provided by Víctor del Corral


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