Víctor del Corral second in the LigthHouse Triathlon

Yesterday Saturday the second edition of the LigthHouse Triathlon, where the participants had to travel 1,5 km of swimming followed by 35 km of cycling finishing the race with 13 km of running race.



The German Konstantin Bachor He prevailed in the test with a final time in goal of 2:13:37, followed by Víctor del Corral with a time of 2: 14: 49 and in third position the German Hans Nilsson with a time of 2: 21: 23.


Bachor took advantage of the good swimming sector and the best partial in the cycling sector to maintain his advantage against Víctor del Corral, who obtained the best partial of the running race with 49:44 but that was not enough to catch up with the German.


In the female category, the Norwegian Kari Flottorp Lingsom took first place with a time of 2:53:28, followed by Switzerland Claudia Nussbaumer with 3:09:23 and in third position the Spanish Marisa Espinosa with a final time of 3:11:00



There are no previous results.

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