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Victor del Corral third in the Embrunman

He got his fourth podium in the test

Today, the Embrunman, is one of the toughest and most important triathlons on the international long distance scene, where athletes have completed 3,8 km of swimming, 188 km of cycling in the French Alps with almost 4.000 meters of elevation gain and 42,2 km of running on foot through the town of Embrun.

As for the men's event, we had the presence of several Spaniards on the starting list.

Today we have seen a great level of Víctor del Corral who came out with a 3:30 disadvantage in swimming to perform a great cycling sector in the test.

The Catalan has remained in second position throughout the segment, coming second in T2, but with a disadvantage of almost 10 minutes over Mennesonn, who has made an exhibition on the bike. Third came Van Houtem followed by Vistica.

In the 42 km of foot race William Menneson has managed to maintain the advantage to achieve victory in the test with a time of 9: 48: 06 followed by Adrej Vistica (9:52:06) and for Spanish Víctor del Corral (9: 53: 49) in third position.

As for the rest of the Spanish Pello Osoro it was 12th, Erik Merino 13º and Francesc Artigues 15º.

With this third place Víctor has achieved his fourth podium in this test, since he was third in 2011 and second in 2012 and 2015

Male classification

1 William MENNESSON 9: 48: 06
2 Andrej VISTICA 9: 52: 14
3 Victor DEL CORRAL MORALES 9: 53: 49
4 Timothy VAN HOUTEM 9: 55: 20
5 Dougal ALLAN NZL 10: 00: 36
6 Romain GUILLAUME 10: 04: 45
7. Gwenaël OUILLIERES 10:09:52
8. Théo CHARRE 10:10:10
9 Damien COLLINS 10: 15: 53
10 David BERTHOU 10: 19: 06

Judith Corachán wins the Embrunman

The Spanish performance has put the finishing touch with the victory of Judith Corachán in the female test.

With a great race, where she was the leader up to km 84 of cycling where Tine Deckers surpassed her, she has known how to dose forces to overcome it again and get her first victory in this test.

Deckers who reached T2 with a 5-minute advantage over Corachán could not maintain their advantage and wasted time with respect to the Catalan until she reached it at kilometer 29 of the race.

From here Judith left alone to achieve victory in a time of 10:57:04

Judith Corachán went outside third last year. This season Judith is completing a great season after the LD World runner-up in Pontevedra, the third place achieved in the IRONMAN Vitoria and the victories in Challenge Salou, Bizakaia Triathlon and Zarautz.

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