Victor del Corral and Club Triathlon Marville take the podium in the French Cto for clubs

On Thursday June 2, the French town of Lomme hosted the French Grand Prix Duathlon Championship for clubs in the time trial modality.

The distances that were disputed were 5, 30, 5 as in the rest of the Grand Prix Duathlons. They rated the three best times of each club.

The Marville 55 Triathlon Club, had 4 big duathletes, Antoine Duvivier, Victor Del Corral, Laurent Galinier and Roger Roca.

Although a priori, there were other French teams with very good runners and that also had 5 or even 6 participants, the Marville Triathlon Club shows, despite having only 4 duathletes, to be a very homogeneous and competitive team.

He did very well the first segment of the race, running all 4 duathletes in a block.

The bicycle segment, which was carried out on an urban circuit like the first, was very twisty, with a lot of curve and speed bump making it difficult for cyclists to go all the circuit coupled in an aerodynamic position. Victor del Corral taking advantage of the fact that he is in very good shape after the IM of Lanzarote, and that he has released his new Viner Kronus bicycle, with which he says he is very well, he has not suffered from lumbar problems and has been able to make a very good bicycle and help to the rest of his companions.

Finally, in the last segment of the event, Laurent Galinier abandons and leaves the Marville with only three riders, having to finish all of them in order to score. Roger Roca, who seemed unable to keep up with the frenetic pace of the last transition, gave his best and with the help of his team and being able to suffer the most and give it his all, he did a very good run. In this way, the Marville Triathlon Club manages to get on the podium, staying just 4 "from Gonfreville, second classified, and 25" from the winner of the test, Club Vitrolles.

Source: Corral press Victor

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