Victoriano Raso wins the Andalucian Triathlon Circuit 2012

Victoriano Raso Moreno has won the Andalusian 2012 Triathlon Circuit, that last weekend concluded with a test in Punta Umbría. The triathlete of Real Club Mediterráneo, where he is also a coach of this sport discipline, has been awarded his regularity as well, since he has achieved podium in all the tests he has participated.

In total, the Andalusian Triathlon Circuit consists of six events, of which, the athletes score four and make two discards. Raso, who also won in the Provincial Circuit, was third in the Almería, Pozo Halcón and Punta Umbría and second in Posadas. "Topping this ranking is a great personal satisfaction, since it is the first time I win it. I have done podium in all the tests that I have participated, although I have lacked to win one of them, since I only went first in the one of San Pedro, puntuable for the provincial ", affirms the triathlete.

Now he is preparing for the last competition of the season which is the Sprint Elite Spain Championship, which is held in Madrid next October 6. "In this one the best Spanish triathletes will meet. I am already a little tired, because it has been a year of many tests in triathlon, aquatlon and duathlon, but I'm going with the goal of being among the 15 or 20 first. This last championship is played in Madrid on the same circuit as the world series and consists of 750 meters swimming, 20 km on the bike and 5 on foot.

I am aware that I have to improve in the race on foot, since it is decisive. I train twice a day, between two and four hours, and to perform more, I would have to train even more, a third time a day. But lack of time prevents me. "

Victoriano Raso, besides being the coach of the Royal Club Mediterranean Triathlon School, is the coach of his brother Bruno Raso, who has been second in the Andalusian Triathlon Circuit and is the current champion of Andalucía de Acuatlón. "I train Bruno and I try to incorporate myself into his preparation, but I have less time than him."

The two brothers participated in the September 16 in the Spanish Triathlon Championship by Autonomous Selections, which took place in Mazarrón Murcia, where the Andalusian men's team was in fifth place.

Source: Realclubmediterraneo

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