(Video) Chelsea Sodaro's journey to go from Mother to IRONMAN World Championship in 18 months

On October 6, the American triathlete Chelsea Sodaro he got his first world title IRONMAN on the Island of Hawaii with a time of 8:33:56.

Being a world-class professional triathlete is hard enough, but imagine combine her profession with being a mother.

Chelsea did exactly that, go from giving birth to your first child to becoming a world champion in just 18 months. It is an example of inspiration.

Now we can see her path in a video made by her and her husband Steve. They shot it during pregnancy and back to training.

In the video we can see the ups and downs he had throughout the 2022 season, his participation in the PTO Canadian Open and Collins Cup, to finally get the definitive Ironman title in Kona.

This is the video

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