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(Video) Diego Métrida's great gesture of sportsmanship in the Santander City Triathlon

I wait for another athlete who left the circuit and let him pass the finish line

Last weekend the first Santander City TriathlonWhere Javier Gómez Noya got the victory

In addition to the news in sports, where the Galician continues to demonstrate his class, something that is worth noting happened in the race and what the big media such as television have done.

It happened in the final part of the test James Teagle that was third and fighting for the podium with Diego Métrida, he left the circuit losing all the options to get third place.

The moment of sportsmanship that was lived was incredible when Diego realized that Teagle had left the circuit and instead of entering the finish line, which would mean getting on the podium with Noya, waited for him and let him pass before demonstrating his value as a person and athlete.

«Seeing how he was wrong, I unconsciously stood up.

He deserved it, he shouldn't have seen the detour to the finish line. Or they did not signal it well. I do not know. The fact is that he deserved it«. Diego commented.

An example of the values ​​that our sport has, triathlon.

In this video you can see what happened

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