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(Video) The Vintange test of Mallorca 140.6

They want to pay tribute to the pioneers and return "to the origins" with a very special category

The long distance triathlon that will return to Mallorca in 2020, will also have the possibility of participating in the Vintange version, in which you can compete like in the 90s.

Pay tribute to the pioneers and return "to the origins"

In the Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon They wanted to do something different and in their first edition they decided to organize a long distance triathlon like before, with a good atmosphere, organized by and for the participants, without drafting ... and they want to pay tribute to the pioneers and return "to the origins ”With a very special category

100 participants will be able to choose this test in their two distances

Only 50 participants in distance 140.6 and another 50 in the Half category may participate in this test.

If you think YOU can participate in the Vintage category, These are the instructions to follow

Ximo Rubert (a classic of the triathlon organization in Alicante) will be the judge and he will advise us on who meets the 'vintage' criteria or not ...

How to sign up?

To send a e-mail and explain why you consider that you are a good candidate, what clothes you are going to wear (for example a two-piece from the 90s, slip and shorts), and what bike you will bring to Playa de Muro to compete (it must be before the year 2000)

Those who pass the 'cut' will receive a 25% discount on registration to participate in the Vintage category on October 24, 2020.

More information https://www.mallorca140-6triathlon.com/


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