Promotional video of the Spanish Cup Triathlon MD and LD 2020

The circuit is made up of 8 tests

FETRI has published a promotional video of the testing calendar of the Spanish Cup of Triathlon MD and LD 2020

The Spanish Media Distance Championships will be played in Bilbao, and the Champions of Spain of Long Distance will be decided in Salamanca, with the dispute of Triathlon MD Salamanca with medium distance and Olympic tests.

The Cup will be completed by Sevilla, Pamplona, ​​Guadalajara, Logroño Mequinenza and Ibiza, which as always will close the calendar in the Balearic Islands.

This is the Spanish Cup Calendar of Medium and Long Distance Triathlon in 2020:

Date Headquarter Test
April 18 Seville Half Triathlon Sevilla
May 16 Pamplona Half Triathlon Pamplona
May 23 Guadalajara Triathlon of Guadalajara
20 June Logroño Half Rio La Triathlon
28 June Salamanca  Spanish Triathlon LD Championship
19 July Mequinenza Half Triathlon Mequinenza
September 26 Bilbao Spanish Triathlon MD Championship
October 25 Ibiza Half Triathlon Ibiza

Promotional video

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