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(Video) Summary of Javier Gómez Noya's 3rd place at the SLT Arena Games

Today's test had the Triple Mix format of the Super League, with 3 different stages in order and distance

This past weekend, it was played in Rotterdarm the first edition of the Arena Games, ororganized by the Super Leage Triathlon,

This competition that united the physical part (with swimming) with the virtual one (The bike was done with the roller and the foot race with tape) has been a success as well as spectacular

The test had the formatTriple Mix of the Superliga, with 3 different stages in order and distance with a scoring system to obtain the final winner.

The competition won Nieschlag with 24 points, followed by Vilaca with 22 and by Noya y Jonathan Brownlee with 20.

In the female category, Learthmont won with 30 points, followed by Klamer with 23 and by Barthelemy with 22.

This is the summary of the test

Male test

Female test

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