Vigo meets all the conditions to be one of the best circuits in Europe

The Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, yesterday attended the town of Samil to know "in situ" the circuit in which more than 1000 triathletes will compete this weekend from all over Spain to participate in the Spanish Triathlon Championship that will be celebrated for the first time in this city, among which we will have the best Triathletes in our country. Javier Gómez Noya, bronze last weekend in the Triathlon World Series, starts as a favorite in this great event.

According to statements made to the press by the mayor of the town, the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, “Samil meets all the conditions to be one of the best circuits in Europe.

Accompanied by the president of the Galician Triathlon Federation, Paco Villanueva, by the young absolute Galician champion, Jesús Gomar, and by representatives from Vigo in the championship (Antonio Serrat and Susana Rodríguez Gacio) and the person in charge of the municipal triathlon sports schools, Lorena García, the councilor was able to make a composition of the place about the spectacular nature of the tests, especially with the good weather expected.

"I really like the idea," said the head of the local government to the athletes present as soon as he knew the circuit. Caballero explained to the federative president and the athletes that in a hot weekend Samil can receive in his two kilometers of sand "some 30.000 or 40.000 people, plus the spectators who flow because this sport attracts them directly," he said. . And the design of the circuit "is going to allow all the people to see it many times."

Caballero, who also hopes "that those from Vigo win", referring to cadet Antonio Serrat or paratriathlete Susana Rodríguez Gacio, stated that this event comes "after conversations with the Superior Sports Council", and expressed his satisfaction with the level of himself, "since Galicia and Spain have a very dominant position in world triathlon".

The mayor received indications of the location of the routes from the Samil promenade, he saw the ramp through which the participants will leave the arena to go on to compete in the cycling race and he got to know the so-called transition zone where the bicycles will be located. Later, he did not hesitate to state that “Samil is an exceptional setting; I do not dare to say that the best possible scenario, but it is one of the best in Europe ”. In addition, on the ground he launched an idea for the future: "Do not rule out the idea that this is a common scenario for level triathlons."

The federative president, for his part, explained that there are 1.046 registered athletes, that the organization "is at a good pace" and that the best will be there, highlighting that the presence of Javier Gómez Noya, "is a guarantee that the test is of a level international".

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