Virginia Berasategui will go through surgery on Wednesday to remove Morton's neuroma from her left foot

The Basque triathlete Virginia Berasategui has announced that this Thursday she will undergo surgery to remove Morton's neuroma from her left foot, which has been causing so many complications for two years.

The Bilbao woman made this announcement through her profile on 'Facebook'. “After two years of having a hard time and trying all kinds of alternatives, tomorrow I will finally have foot surgery to remove Morton's neuroma,” she said.

The athlete acknowledged that "there is no one hundred percent guarantee" that this intervention will definitively solve her problems, but she was confident that "so be it." "I'm very tired at the head level, and they tell me that she's going to be fine and that in a few weeks I'll be at my best again," she explained.

Virginia Berasategui began to suffer from this injury at the end of the Ironman in Hawaii in 2009. And although she had managed to live with the pain, which has prevented her from performing with guarantees in foot races, she has finally decided to undergo surgery.

Morton's neuroma is the thickening of the interdigital nerve that runs between the third and fourth metatarsals of the foot, and sometimes between the second and third metatarsals.

Surgery to eliminate this lesion consists of cutting the intermetatarsal ligament, proceeding either to resect or to release the neuroma. The success of the intervention is not always complete and on some occasions the pain persists after the operation, either because the neuroma was not completely released, or because the indicated space was not operated on.


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