Virginia Berasategui and Eneko Llanos go to the Ironman of Hawaii willing to improve the position of last year

Spanish triathletes Virginia Berasategui and Eneko Llanos They leave this week for Hawaii, where they will finish their preparation to participate in the Kona World Championship (better known as Ironman of Hawaii), the toughest test of the specialty, on October 8.

Berasategui and Llanos, both with scholarships from the BAT Basque Team Foundation, aspire to improve their marks from last year, an edition in which the woman from Bilbao obtained fourth position, and the man from Vitoria, seventh.

This test, which reaches its thirty-fourth edition this year, demands extraordinary preparation and resistance from its participants. Last year, Virginia Berasategui spent 9 hours and 16 minutes on the route, and Eneko Llanos, 8 hours and 22 minutes.

Virginia Berasategui arrives in Hawaii, where she already rose to the medal table by achieving bronze in 2009, after achieving tenth place in the Tronman European Championship, held in Frankfurt (Germany) in July, and fifth in the Wildflower Triathlon in San Antonio, California. (USA).

In addition, this year he has been able to add to his curriculum the victory in the first edition of the Bilbao Triathlon. Berasategui (Bilbao, 1975) is the Basque triathlete with the best record of hers, with a 17-year career in international competition since her first successes in the junior category.

Among other victories, she has been a two-time winner of the Lanzarote Ironman (2004 and 2005), winner of the Long Distance World Championship in 2003 in Ibiza and two-time long-distance European champion.

For his part, Eneko Llanos has just achieved victory for the second consecutive year in the ICAN of Mallorca, a victory to which this season he adds those achieved in the Ironman Texas and the first edition of ICAN Marbella, as well as second place in the Triathlon from Zarauz.

Llanos (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1976) has to his credit the 2003 Ibiza World Cup, three Xterra world titles (2003, 2004 and 2009), and a second place in the Ironman of Hawaii in 2008, with two other editions in which which was placed in the top ten of the Kona test.


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