Vitoria welcomes this Sunday the Spanish Middle Distance Triathlon Championship

More than 730 athletes will participate in the different categories of the event and in the Sprint Virgin Blanca Triathlon event

Last year, Vitoria was the venue for the European Triathlon Championship and this year, the best triathletes in the state will be those who meet in the capital of Alava to play the national mid-distance test, in which more than 470 athletes will take part. .
The appointment will be this Sunday, July 24 and the attendees will play the title on a route very similar to that of 2010, which will also be the same that must be faced in 2012 by the followers of this practice who decide to participate in the World Long Distance Championship, making this city a benchmark for triathlon.
«It is a form of Ironman tour. Triathlon has a relatively recent history, everyone links it to a start in France, but the real push was made in Hawaii to determine if one activity was better than another and brought 15 volunteers together to see which was the hardest ”, Julio Iglesias, president of the Alava Triathlon Federation explained yesterday.

1.900 meters by swimming, 91 kilometers by bicycle and 21 kilometers on foot will be the distance that participants will have to travel this weekend, among which are outstanding figures such as Peru Alfaro and Alejandro Santamaría.
The triathletic event will start at 9.00:XNUMX am with the swimming test, which will take place in the Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir, in the Landa Provincial Park, and will continue with the cyclist, who will take two laps on an attractive and safe circuit that it will run through secondary roads, practically flat, that border the Llanada, and that will take the runners to cross different towns in the province.
The foot race, meanwhile, will be based on going three laps on a 7-kilometer itinerary basically inside the Salburua park wetlands until reaching the finish line, located in the municipal sports facilities of Betoño.
And along with the elite event, the Age Group and Open events will also be held, the latter with the same distances. In addition, as an attractive prelude to the state ones, the Virgin White Sprint Triathlon will also be held, which presents 750 meters of swimming, 21 kilometers of cycling test and 5 of foot race, for which registrations are already closed with 259 triathletes, surpassing between both competitions the 730 registered, between federated and fans.
Of course, on the occasion of the event there will be temporary traffic restrictions in different parts of the city and the province, and from 7.30 to 10.00 there will be road cuts between Landa and Marieta and in the wetlands promenade until 18.30. In addition, from the organization, they urge not to go to Landa with a private vehicle and use public transport that will depart from the Betoño car park.

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