We will see the duel Javier Gómez Noya vs Alistair Brownlee again in Tokyo 2020

The intention of the British is to be for the third time Olympic champion

The five times World Champion Javier Gómez Noya and the double Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee, they will see each other again at the Olympics.

Alistair has confirmed in an interview in the with the BBC, that after last year where he was not injured he found the motivation to return to competition and that has led him to return to the Olympic Games.

Galician meanwhile Javier Gómez Noya, has also confirmed that will focus on the olympic games, so throughout the season we will see again in the World Series the mythical duels between these two great athletes.

In the BBC interview, Alistair commented on his injury and did not see where he is.

«A year ago I would not be doing this, because I knew I could not cope with another serious injury, ”he says. «I just wanted to be able to run, compete and enjoy it.

But in the last year I didn't get injured. I really enjoyed training and competing, so the idea came up: I want to go to other Olympic Games and I want to see what I can dor ».

"If I miss the opportunity to see where it takes me this year." I would be a little crazy.

«I am happy, because I want to compete in the games and be competitive. The 12-year-old boy dreamed of going to an Olympiad. So if I miss the opportunity to see where this year takes me I would be a little crazy. «.

"I need to see it step by step."

«It's easy enough to get carried away and think, I'll only go if I can win medals. Well, maybe, but I need to see it step by step. Do some World Series races, see how competitive I am 

In my head, the perfect scenario is that I am in a position where I am standing at the starting line and I think I can win the race. "

He will be 32 years old in Tokyo

Brownlee will be 32 when Tokyo arrives. It has 37 ITU victories and 12 podiums in 70 participations

Alistair was a great runner, but in his absence the WTS have taken over triathletes like Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza o Vicent Luis in addition to the return of Javier Gómez Noya

"I am better than in the last 3 Olympic games"

«In a really strange way, I am in a better position now than before the last three Olympic Games.

In 2008 I did not think I would go, in 2012 at this stage I had broken my Achilles, in 2016 they operated on my ankle, there were problems with my hamstrings but this time I have nothing wrong at all «.

"Tokyo is synonymous with heat, and I think it could be an advantage for me"

«Tokyo is the heat, and I think it could be an advantage for me, because it makes the race harder and slower. with a great physiological load.

It will reward a really good preparation, no matter how much you prepare. I have experimented with the heat a lot over the past year so I think that will help. If it was a cold weather fast race like London it would be harder for me. "

He prefers to win the IRONMAN Olympic Games in Hawaii

«I'd rather win the Olympics again, it means a lot.

There is something very special about the Olympics. It has an emotional resonance for me, but it also has it for everyone, the Olympics are always special«.


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