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Will we ever see an ITU World Cup in a single event?

The Coronavirus pandemic is "breaking" the 2020 calendar

The format of the 2020 World Triathlon Series cannot be disputed as planned this year. There are 6 tests plus the Grand Final to meet the World Champion.

With 2 tests already suspended from the WTS 2020, and Yokohama (May 16-17) also in suspense, the dispute of a World Series of Triathlon to the use is going to be very complicated this year.

Yesterday, we found out that the english triathlon federation has confirmed that there will be no sports tests until June 31 at least.

Before the uncertainty of the world situation, suspension of further WTS tests from the calendar cannot be guaranteed.

The option to re-celebrate the World Championship to a single test It would be interesting to have a champion in 2020, although not as "fair" as it is to reward the most regular triathlete during the year.

We recall that the world championship format for a single test was played until 2008.

You can also rdelay the suspended tests to another date, since at no olympic games it can be "adjusted" in the rest of the year, although it is an option that triathletes such as Javier Gómez Noya or Alistair Brownlee, both classified for Kona would not benefit

Triathlon World Series Calendar 2020

Test Date Distance State
WTS Abu Dhabi 6 -7 / 03 / 2020 Sprint Postponed
WTS Bermuda 18/04/2020 Olympic Postponed
WTS Yokohama 16-17/05/2020 Olympic
WTS Leeds 6-7/06/2020 Olympic
WTS Montreal 27-28/06/2020 Olympic
WTS Hamburg 11-12/07/2020 Sprint
WTS Edmonton (Grand Final) 17-23/08/2020 Olympic

The pandemic has hit sports hard

The pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus It has forced the world of sports to adapt, and suspend or postpone most of the tests that were to be held in the first half of the year.

Proof of this has been the postponement of the Giro d'Italia or the Olympic Games to 2021.

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