World Triathlon approves rules on shoes and pregnancy for 2023

The World Triathlon congress held during the Grand Final of the triathlon Series, held in Abu Dhabi, has analyzed the Strategic plan until the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The committee approved a update of the Competition Regulations which will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

Between the rules that will be implemented for the next season, there is the regulation on the use of running shoes, which will be adapted following the rules contemplated by World Athletics.

Among the regulations that will be applied in terms of slippers The use of prototypes or the maximum 40mm stack will be prohibited.

Esto could affect many professionals, since the brands develop the new models in competition to promote before they go on sale.

This regulation applies to the World Triathlon events but it will be necessary to do what IRONMAN does in this regard.

Surely, it will join this current and apply the new regulation.

will also add a new maternity policy which will freeze the rankings of female athletes from the moment they announce their pregnancy up to the second year of life of the child in order to facilitate the return to competition.

It has also been decided to include a two year expiration period of Transgender Policy approved and create a working group that will continue to analyze the medical studies to further develop it.

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