World Triathlon increases prizes to $ 1.000.000 by 2022

The Executive Board of World triathlon approved this Thursday the allocation of $ 750,000 in prizes in cash for him  Maurice Lacroix World Triathlon Championship Rankings, to be distributed after the 2021 Triathlon World Championship Finals in Edmonton.

The Board also approved a significant increase in the Bonus Fund for Season 2022 to a 1 million dollars.

Remaining schedule for Ranking 2021

The tests that will count towards the classification of 2021 ranking will:

  • World Triathlon Championships Yokohama (1.000 points for the winner)
  • World Triathlon Championships Leeds (1.000 points for the winner)
  • Olympic games Tokyo 2020 (1.000 points for the winner)
  • World Triathlon Championships Montreal (1.000 points for the winner)
  • World Triathlon Championship Finals Edmonton (1.250 points for the winner)

The total final points of the athletes will be the sum of the points obtained in a maximum of three events of the four possible and the Finals in Edmonton. Points will be reduced by 7,5% for each position.

WTS 2021 Calendar

The WTS 2022 will begin this year.

The WTS season begins immediately after the season's Grand Final takes place, so the 2020 season will begin this year.

Points earned in the WTS events that will take place after Edmonton (Hamburg, Bermuda and Abu Dhabi) will count towards the 2022 season.

There are no previous results.

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