World Triathlon will test a new device to control Drafting

The World Triathlon competition is already known where the race ranger device for control drafting among triathletes.

It will be in a test in New Zealand, the Tauranga Half which will be held on January 21.

This will be the first time this system has been tested in real competition.

What does it consist of?

El race ranger is a electronic sensor system designed to control drafting in the cycling segment of triathlons where drafting is not allowed.

Currently, these decisions are made by technical officials and are based on their visual perception of the moment of the offence.

race ranger consists of two electronic units that triathletes fit on their bikes: one in the front and one in the back.

The system take precise measurements of the distance between athletes when they are pedaling.

La rear unit has 3 colored lights that offers information about the distance to the triatelas that are behind.

In the future, the system will detect the moment in which the infringement occurs and it will send data in real time to the officials, who will decide if the sanction is applied.

The system was developed by two New Zealand triathletes in collaboration with the World Triathlon sports department.

"The system is not 100% operational, but we feel it is important to get it to athletes as soon as possible.

 In sport, and in product development, there's nothing like a race to accelerate progress. “ commented James Elvery, founder and CEO of RaceRange.

The RaceRanger units will be fitted to the bikes of the 24 elite athletes prior to Saturday's event.

More rapid tests are planned in New Zealand, and after evaluating the first pilot test, Word Triathlon and the RaceRanger team will work to implement the units at major international events.

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