World Triathlon prohibits the participation of Russian and Belarusian triathletes

World Triathlon has announced that prohibits the participation of Russian and Belarusian triathletes in their competitions.

With this movement, he stands in absolute solidarity with the Ukrainian triathlon family and with the entire country at this time of serious international crisis.

Following the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee, the Executive Council of the World Triathlon has unanimously decided not to allow the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes or officials in all international competitions or official events, following the principles of the Olympic Charter.

 This decision will be reviewed by the Executive Board at its monthly meetings depending on the evolution of the situation.

This extreme measure is taken toto protect the integrity and safety of all athletes participating in the events and integrity of world sports competitions.

Regarding the IOC recommendation not to organize any sporting events in Russia or Belarus, World Triathlon had previously suspended to the Russian Triathlon Federation, due to the high number of doping cases, in December 2021 for one year, and no event was allowed to be held in the country in 2022.

World Triathlon strongly condemns the actions against Ukraine carried out by Russia, through which the Russian government is also in breach of the Olympic Truce.

The World Triathlon will work with IRONMAN and Challenge so that they also follow these recommendations.

World Triathlon has contacted all National Federations, especially those closest to or bordering Ukraine, as well as Europe Triathlon, to help coordinate support for Ukrainian athletes, coaches, officials and staff.

World Triathlon has created an email account ( where members of the Ukrainian triathlon community who are leaving the country or willing to leave the country can get in touch to find families in other countries who can welcome them.

 The email address is also available to all potential hosts anywhere in the world who can offer their support to those fleeing Ukraine.

World Triathlon has already received more than 60 offers of assistance from around the world from individuals, clubs and federations offering help, and they are already in contact with some Ukrainian athletes who have requested this support.

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