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New anti-doping measures from World Triathlon and PTO

World Triathlon and the Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) have today announced the implementation of new anti-doping measures to reinforce the integrity of the T100 Triathlon World Tour.

These measures include the creation of a global Registered Testing Pool and a comprehensive educational program for triathletes.

A global Registered Control Fund for fairer sport

The new global RTP will cover a wide range of athletes competing in different triathlon distances.

Athletes signed to the T100 Triathlon World Tour who were not part of an RTP have been added to the new pool.

Additionally, T100 wildcard athletes will be included in the RTP once they have competed in three or more T100 races during a calendar year, regardless of their PTO classification.

This initiative aims to ensure that all athletes, regardless of their status or level of competition, are subject to regular anti-doping testing, creating a fairer and more equitable competition environment for all.

The ITA supervises in-competition events

The International Testing Agency (ITA) will be responsible for coordinating in-competition testing in T100 races on behalf of World Triathlon, in collaboration with National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs).

This collaboration will ensure consistent and professional application of anti-doping rules in all T10pe competitions.

Anti-doping education for all triathletes

All PTO members will participate in a comprehensive anti-doping educational program provided by World Triathlon.

This program will cover topics such as RTP procedures and whereabouts, allowing the ITA to locate athletes unannounced for drug testing.

Education is a fundamental pillar in the fight against doping. Providing athletes with accurate and up-to-date information about their responsibilities and anti-doping regulations is crucial to preventing doping and protecting the integrity of the sport.


Marisol Casado, President of World Triathlon and member of the IOC:

"Since announcing the partnership last August, our focus at World Triathlon and PTO has been to implement comprehensive and effective strategies to defend the integrity of our sport.

One of the key initiatives driving this progress is the establishment of a unified, global Registered Control Fund for all triathlon athletes, regardless of the type of race in which they compete."

Sam Renouf, PTO CEO

"Protecting the integrity of our sport is fundamental to the purpose of the PTO and our members. That is why we have been working hard alongside our partners World Triathlon and other sporting stakeholders on anti-doping measures.

These measures include a global Registered Control Fund that covers contracted and wildcard athletes competing in the T100 Triathlon World Tour."

David McNamee, PTO Athlete Board Member

"Athletes have no choice about whether they are covered by an RTP or not, but they will always be the center of attention when there is any conversation or speculation about anti-doping.

Therefore, it is vitally important that we know that everything is being done, and that it is seen to be done, to ensure that we are competing on a level playing field. We welcome today's announcement and will follow its progress with interest. Creating a single global RTP, regardless of the distances run, has to be a positive step forward."

A clear message: zero tolerance for doping

The new anti-doping measures are a clear message that World Triathlon and the PTO will not tolerate doping in any form.

These measures demonstrate the continued commitment of both organizations to ensure a clean and fair sport for all triathletes.

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