www.trimadrid.com new collaborating medium of the Madrid Triathlon Federation

www.trimadrid.com has become the new official collaborating medium of the Madrid Triathlon Federation for "The Triathlon Day" that will be held on October 1 at the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

With our sights set on the triathlete and with the sole objective of transmitting the maximum of information in real time to all of you who participate in this test, today we create this new link.

"The day of the triathlon" It offers a large number of competitions so that you can participate in a triathlon whatever your level, since you can choose between super-sprint distances (300- 7,7 - 2,5), sprint (750- 23,1 - 5) even Olympic (1500- 40 - 10). In addition there are also tests for the little ones with an Aquathlon with distances of 700 - 300 - 700.

But that's not all, that same day the Women's triathlon will be held in the super sprint distance (300- 7,7 - 2,5), where all women will be able to participate in an unforgettable race for all of them.

All the information about the test can be found in the page of the Madrileña federation

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