XAVI LLOBET "The Andorra Triathlon will be spectacular and very attractive"

In the absence of a month for Andorra to host more than half a thousand triathletes who will come from all over Spain as well as the neighboring country, France, to participate in this test, we have been able to interview the Olympic triathlete Xavi Llobet who will take part in the start in this spectacular test.


Xavi, did you ever imagine that Andorra would host a triathlon?

Imagine it, yes! But that one day it was a reality, no!

The place, Engolasters, where a large part of the TRI will be held is wonderful, which gives an extra motivation to participate in this test, it is a spectacular and very attractive area to host a triathlon competition.

We know that you have trained on these roads more than once. What was your reaction when you heard the news?

Effectively! I know the area a little and I reiterate it is spectacular. My reaction was very positive.

I know a large part of the hard core of Andorran triathletes with whom I have a very good friendship (Pere, César, Ferran, Gerard ...) and when I heard the news I jumped for joy because I know that they have been fighting for it for many years, and more knowing the good Make the organizing company, Win Sports Factory, from the first day bet on this test and I will be there, without hesitation, on July 29.

How do you see the circuit? What is special about this test and the area in which it is done?

Very funny, I think it is very complete and will please everyone.

The swimming in Engolasters Lake and the cycling circuit are the two most attractive elements of this event.

I think that the difficulty of each of the three segments is its special appeal of the Andorran event. Swimming at medium height will be demanding, while the bike circuit that combines fun descents with a mountain pass will delight the most cyclists. Finally, the section on foot in the valley, near the river, allows for fast running. It will simply be a special test.

What would you say to people to encourage them to compete?

Have no doubt, it will be a spectacular challenge! Do not think about it, you will really enjoy a triathletic weekend in the country of the Pyrenees.

This first edition of the Andorran triathlon there will be two tests, one in Sprint distance (750m-20km-5km) and another in Olympic distance (1500-40km-10km) giving differentiated starts for male and female categories, in addition to having the option of relays.

WILD WOLF Triathlon Series by POLAR Andorra promises to be a unique triathlon for the participants, who will swim in a High Mountain reservoir and then go to the cycling segment through the mythical port of Cornella and end the walking tour through the streets of this city.

Registration is still open for more information: www.triathlonseries.org

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