Xavi Llobet confirms his presence in EXTREME MAN Salou and Menorca

The Olympic Triathlete Xavi Llobet has confirmed one more year its presence in EXTREME MAN, this year being the chosen venues Salou (05.05) and Menorca (22.09). After competing several years in this circuit Xavi LLobet, which has more than two decades in the world of triathlon, has become today an authentic ambassador of the leading brand in Spain in Media Distancia.



Xavi How do you see the growth of Triathlon in the last decade and the increase in participation in Medium Distance events?

Honestly, I still rub my eyes. If ten years ago they assure me this spectacular progression, I would not have believed it. More than seeing it, I hallucinate! It gives me great joy to observe that every year the family "triathlon" is bigger. I hope it is not a mirage and that in a few years we do not live a "triathlon bubble" as happened with the real estate. I suppose that little by little everything will be stabilized and those who have worked with common sense, tenacity and logically will continue at the foot of the canyon.


Do you already have your goals for the 2013 planned?

I am structuring the entire calendar. To this day, I have a huge puzzle on the table and I am trying to fit all the pieces. Between training sessions, actions, competitions, work ... I'm "fun". I will try, if health is good, to follow similar guidelines as last year: Triathlon Series, ExtremeMan, Marnaton, Radikal Brava, Valencia Triathlon ... But always aware of the physical aspect. I must be wary of inconvenience.



Simply, because it is a guarantee of organizational quality. The “backbone” of the organization has been and are triathletes, consequently, they know what the triathlete wants and needs when they sign up for an event of these characteristics. Added to the fact that the registration prices are adapted to the current social situation, it is a perfect cocktail to savor and enjoy the passion of TRI. They also try to structure the triathlons in ideal settings. 100% recommendable!


This year, in its third edition but with a different format, you will go to see the new circuit of Salou. What is special about it that attracts you to consider this challenge? Circuits, environment, landscapes ...? What do you hope to find?

Indeed, if there is no setback, I will repeat in Salou. Because of my proximity, for knowing the Tarragona test by heart, for taking place in a spectacular setting, for the camaraderie that exists in this type of test and, above all, because last year I suffered my particular ordeal at ExtremeMan Salou 226.


Of course, we'll go check the circuits! It will be the best way to prepare physically and mentally. Apart from finding more than a thousand triathletes ready to excel and share the "TRI passion", I will try to arrive optimally to give a bit of war to the professionals. Surely it will be a great battle!


For more information about the Extreme Man tests: www.extreme-man.com

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