Xavi Llobet: «I could not pass up the opportunity to be in the Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja, I am sure a fun and spectacular triathlon!»

Interview with the triathlete Xavi Llobet regarding the Valencia Triathlon.

In 2010, he crossed the finish line as a team winner, along with Pedro Miguel Reig and Isaac López, of the Valencia Triathlon. On this occasion, Xavi Llobet is back on the adventure of the Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja that this year will be held on September 10 and 11. However, on this occasion, the Catalan triathlete wants to experience the competition to the full and, therefore, will run in Olympic distance on the day of September 11.

Last year you participated in the inaugural edition of the Valencia Triathlon. What memory do you have of the premiere of this competition?

Magnificent… The memory of the first edition brings me incredible passages, a great atmosphere, a very professional organization and spectacular tours of the city of Valencia.

What surprised you the most about the test?

The infrastructure and quality details applied by a new organization such as the Valencia Triathlon. The truth is that discovering that the event management was so competent left me pleasantly surprised.

This year, you will compete again alongside 2.600 athletes. Why have you decided to include the Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja in your calendar?

The city of Valencia is one of the great sports capitals in Spain. I believe that the Valencian Community is one of the engines of TRI in the peninsula and, after experiencing the first edition, I cannot miss the opportunity to be in the capital of Turia. I'm sure of a fun and spectacular triathlon!

One of the great bastions of the Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja is its circuit. What opinion do you deserve?

In addition to going through different symbols of the city, I think its strongest point is safety, having a swim inside the America's Cup dock in calm waters. It has a wide cycling circuit completely closed to traffic. Being able to take curves of the attached Formula 1 circuit is a sensation that makes the hair stand on end.

Valencia Triathlon Gran Premio Ibercaja is working to become a popular triathlon reference. What would you say to sports fans who are planning to try triathlon?

It is working and it will be! They are encouraged to try, because they will enjoy very much during the preparation time for their debut and they will feel active, healthy and fit. Do not hesitate and sign up for TRI-effect.

Source: Valencia Triathlon Press

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