Xavi Llobet, winner of the Valencia Triathlon

The Catalan triathlete Xavi Llobet has been awarded the Valencia Triathlon this morning, which has held its second edition in the waters of the Royal Navy Juan Carlos I and in part of the layout of the urban circuit of Formula 1 and the City of Arts.
Today's winner, a 2010 team winner and an Olympian in Athens, has imposed his power in the foot race, after suffering a problem in the last transition when he left the bike to start the third test. This mishap has caused him to lose a few valuable seconds and has involved a claim. For this reason, Llobet's brand is not yet official, who has thrown himself to the ground after finishing the test exhausted and has been attended by strong muscular pulls.

In second place was the peasant Víctor Candel, one of the revelations of the Valencia Olympic triathlon, since he has surpassed the other top favorite, the Antella triathlete Jordi Pascual, third in the national 'ranking' of this sport.
A total of 2.200 athletes have participated between yesterday and today in the different modalities of the Valencia Triathlon, which this year has doubled the number of registered triathletes.
At eight o'clock in the morning, when dozens of young people left the nightclubs in the port and beach area, the triathletes of the Olympic category were already in the water to cover 1.500 meters in the dock. In this first part of the competition, the Burjassot swimmer Emilio Aguayo stood out, who in the end was left out of the podium due to plantar fasciitis. Then they did the 40 km by bicycle and finished the 10 kilometer race on foot.
Source: lasprovincias.es

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