Xisca Tous second in the American Cup of La Guaira

The Spanish international triathlete Xisca Tous He has started the season by getting on the podium.

He has done it in La Guaria (Venezuela) where he has achieved second place in the American Cup that has been held in the town.

The victory has been for Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto with a time of 02: 03: 31, followed by Xisca Tous with a time of 02:03:55 and for Romina Biagioli with a time of 02: 04: 11.

Top 10 female

Job title Name Time
1 Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto 02:03:31
2 Xisca Tous 02:03:55
3 Romina Biagioli 02:04:11
4 sofia rodriguez 02:04:54
5 Ivana Kuriackova 02:05:43
6 Leslie Amat Alvarez 02:06:12
7 iria rodriguez 02:06:54
8 Rachel Solis Guerrero 02:07:25
9 Juri Ide 02:07:40
10 Antoanela Manac 02:08:26

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