XLIV Session-Course of the Spanish Olympic Academy

On Tuesday, November 15, the XLIV SESSION-COURSE OF THE SPANISH OLYMPIC ACADEMY began at the Autonomous University of Madrid, with the hoisting of the Olympic flag on campus by the Rector, to the sounds of the Olympic anthem and the

university anthem “Gaudeamos igitur”, sung by the UAM Choir. Then the rector, José Mª Sanz, opened the inaugural session, accompanied by the president of the Spanish Olympic Academy, Conrado Durántez, the dean of the Faculty, Rosalía Aranda Redruello, and the director of the Center for Olympic Studies, Mª Eugenia Martínez Gorroño.

The inaugural conference dealt with "My experience in the International Olympic Committee" by Mª Soledad Casado, member of the International Olympic Committee, president of the International Triathlon Federation and former student of the University.

Today the sessions will continue with the lectures "Olympism and Peace" by Mª Eugenia Martínez Gorroño and on "Women, Olympism and the Olympic Movement" by Mª José Martínez Patiño. The session will end with the projection of the interview with Juan A. Samaranch on "The evolution of women in the Olympic Movement" carried out by the latter professor.

Today, Thursday, November 17, in an afternoon session, two new conferences will be held, the first "Sport as educational pedagogy: Olympic values" by Dr. Julio César Legido Arce and "Religious festivals and athletic agony in the ancient Greek civilization" by Dr. José Luis Navarro González; The session will conclude with the participation in a round table of the Olympic athletes Jesús España, Mª Victoria González Laguillo and Cecilio Ugarte moderated by Pablo Galán Fernández.

On Friday the 18th, in the morning, the conference "Olympism and Current Society" will be held by Dr. Roberto Velázquez Buendía; then there will be a round table with the students who represented Spain in 2011 and the session will close with the delivery of certificates and prizes for Poetry and Visual Arts.

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