Registration is now open for the Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon, 2012 Spain Championship

From day 1, registrations can be formalized to participate in the Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon, which will be the 2012 Spanish Championship of the modality, on the website of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI), www.triatlon.org

There will be 300 places that will be made available to triathletes interested in participating. The Championship is open to all athletes with a valid triathlon license for the 2012 season, although from January 10, in the event that not all registrations have been covered, the competition will be opened to participation. of non-federated athletes in triathlon. However, given the expectation raised by the recovery of the old White Triathlon "Ciudad de Jaca", the organization and Federation forecast is that the quota is completed before the 10th.

The Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon is organized by the Mayencos de Jaca Pyrenees Club and FETRI in collaboration with the Jaca City Council, the Jacetania Region and the Candanchú Ski Resort and is supported by the Valle City Councils for those that run the cycling segment: Castiello de Jaca, Villanúa and Canfranc. The Aísa City Council, to which the municipal term in which Candanchú is located, has also shown its full support for the competition.

The test, as in its origins as a white triathlon (see historical background in the attached document), consists of 10 km of running on foot through the historic center of Jaca, 33 km of cycling between the city and Candanchú and 10 km of cross-country skiing on the circuit.

All the information about the triathlon can be found on the official website of the event: www.jacatriatlon.org

Winter Triathlon "Ansó Valley"

Six days before the celebration of the Spain Championship, Mayencos also organizes, together with the Ansó City Council, the Linza Sports Society and the Nordic Area of ​​the Western Valleys, the "Valle de Ansó" Winter Triathlon, Championship of Aragon. The ansotana test already returned three editions to the classic format. Less hard than the Jaca triathlon, which makes it a good test to start, the competition consists of a 7 km race on foot through the streets of the Villa, 5 km of cycling to Linza and 20 km of skiing in the Bottom Circuit.

In this test, registrations are also open on day 1, although places are limited to 150 participants, in this case open to athletes with a triathlon license and also to non-federated ones.

Information at: http://competiciones.mayencostriatlon.org

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