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7 Foods that will help you stay hydrated

Nutritious and moisturizing foods to include in your diet

To stay hydrated you do not necessarily need the rule of 8 glasses of water minimum, and if you are among those who find it difficult to drink it, then the daily intake of certain foods can help you consume the 20% of our water requirements, in this article Victory Endurance tells us what foods can help us hydrate

The cucumber:

A vegetable with a high water content (96%), easy to add to the diet with only 8 calories per ½ cup and perfect for salads, consumed with a sandwich or even for a smoothie.


With a content in 95,6% water, It also provides us with a lot of fiber and vitamin K that helps maintain bones.


In a cup of this fruit (154 grams) There may be up to 118 ml of water, along with fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and magnesium. Low in calories which makes it a perfect snack for people on a diet.


A vegetable high in nutrients as well as in water, it is considered low in calories and high in Vitamin C, ideal for improve the immune system. You can make them on the grill, in creams or even in noodles.

Coconut water:

In addition to being a very healthy drink, the coconut water helps us to stay hydrated, all this due to its mineral content as potassium, sodium y chlorine, which together with water helps us rehydrate after an exercise session, or even on a daily basis.


A medium tomato has 120 ml water and only about 32 calories. Additionally it is high in fiber and high in antioxidants, in fact many studies have found that it can help prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cow milk:

A food that has created much controversy, however, continues to provide benefits. In addition to contributing proteins of high biological value (high quality), helps rehydration and recovery after exercise due to its water content (91%) and even sodium, which helps to replace lost minerals.

The water content in food is almost always overlooked, and does not add to the amount of total fluid that we are ingesting. If you include enough vegetables, fruits, and the aforementioned foods in your daily diet, drinking as many glasses of water is not strictly necessary.

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