Increases endurance and delays fatigue with BETA-ALANINE from Victory Endurance

This add-on helps you -increase endurance and performance, as well as accelerate recovery

El Beta-Alanine de Victory Endurance It is a food supplement composed of Beta-alanine, a non-essential amino acid, unique due to the special position of the amino group, effective as an ergogenic supplement, thus increasing muscle power and with a marked antioxidant effect.  


- Beta-alanine is an amino acid directly involved with the increase in carnosine, dipeptide found in the muscles and brain, whose release in the body translates into a increase in resistance, a improvement in muscle contractionr and a delay of fatigue. 

- Prevents muscle hyper-acidityr, inhibiting the production of lactic acid, thus increasing the performance capacity. 

- Good calcium regulator, induces a rapid release of calcium, improving muscle contraction, and increasing training time. 

- Reduces oxidative stress, achieving greater performance and accelerating muscle recovery.

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