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Iron and sports performance

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Our collaborator Victory Endurance In this article he tells us about the importance of iron in the diet of an athlete and how it affects his sports performance.

In those athletes who carry out high-impact endurance activities, such as trail runners, trail runners, triathlons, it is common for "athlete's anemia", It's usually about a anemia due to lack of iron also called iron deficiency anemia. It is characterized because hemoglobin levels decrease and hematocrit also decreases (it is noteworthy that in athletes we should also look at ferritin levels not only exclusively of hemoglobin in the diagnosis of anemia).

Produces a decrease in the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to cells what produces a increase in cardiac work. Thus, muscles in athletes will not get enough oxygen to work in an optimal way, causing the appearance of fatigue and very negatively affecting its performance.

Solutions to avoid the appearance of anemia

The first thing we must take into account is to look for the origin of this anemia and thus plan the best strategy to improve the athlete's health. Then, always indicated by a professional, take a iron supplement until the problem returns.

How can we check the Victory supplement, Iron VO2max, is complemented with Vitamin B12 that influences the production of red blood cells. Another important factor to consider the supplement is its vitamin C content as it increases the absorption of iron. Finally, it is important to note that chelates (as is the case with iron bisglycinate) are the most advisable way to consume an iron supplement, since they present greater availability and fewer side effects (does not sting and causes minor gastrointestinal problems). Therefore, the doses may be lower than other supplements because it absorbs much better and does not interfere with other elements.

Remember that before taking any iron supplement, we should check through blood analysis the values ​​that influence the appearance of anemia and be advised by a professional before consuming the supplement, since a high intake of iron supplements can increase the production of free oxygen radicals and promote oxidative stress

Laura Llorente and Belén Rodríguez

Dieters-nutritionists in Tu Gestor de Salud

Further information: Victory Endurance

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